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Brazil is increasingly attracting international attention. In 2014 and 2016, the country hosted the two largest sporting events on the planet, the World Cup and the Summer Olympics, respectively.


It is also worth mentioning that each year more than 5 million people visit Brazil. Are they tourists, journalists or sports professionals, what are their rights and obligations while in Brazilian territory?


Will a visa be required? In this case, how to get it? How to rent a car? What are your rights if something goes wrong in a restaurant or hotel? How to make the payment in Brazil?


To answer these and other questions, the authors, both lawyers, wrote this guide, taking the opportunity to inform, in a practical way, the rules and procedures to be followed on several occasions during their stay in Brazil.

Title: Trilingual Brazilian Legal Guide for Foreigners

Authors: Iane Pontes Vieira e Iure Pontes Vieira

Publisher: Pontes Vieira Advogados

Languages: Portuguese, english and french

Pages: 216

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Title: La valeur en droit fiscal et douanier

Author: Iure Pontes Vieira


Language: French

Pages: 612


The evaluation process is part of our lives. To buy, sell, or just own property, or provide a service, the question of economic value always arises.


Moreover, the issue of economic value is undoubtedly the heart of the entire contemporary tax system, in which the determination of most taxes is based on measurable wealth in money.


At first the book was devoted to the pursuit of the notion of fiscal and customs value; starting from concepts that address both philosophy (moral or political) and legal (the influence of the principles and rules that make up contract, competitive and tax law) and then make a definition of it.


Subsequently, each aspect of the assessment, such as the influence of time, space and

In this regard, the issues and methods of tax and customs valuation were studied. value manipulations. Without neglecting the analysis of the many instruments that can lead to the harmonization of pricing methodologies applicable to cross-border transactions (transfer price and customs value).


The study also invites a critical reflection on the use of market value. In practical terms, this book, a true tax and customs panel, is aimed at professionals, students or academics, as well as economists interested in the issue of economic value.

Women Business and Law 2018.jpg

Title: Woman, Business and Law (2018)

Authors: Vários (Pontes Vieira Advogados foi responsável pela captação de dados no Brasil)

Publisher: World Bank Group

Language: English

Page: 187


No economy can reach its full potential unless women and men participate fully. As half of the world's population, women play an equal role in driving economic growth.


Women, Business and Law (2018) is the fifth edition of a series of biennial reports measuring legal obstacles to women engaged in economic activity around the world.


Since the World Bank began this study a decade ago, our understanding has grown about how laws influence women's decisions to start and run businesses or get jobs. The analysis is based on data recently collected on seven indicators: access to institutions, use of property, getting a job, encouraging work, going to court, building credit, and protecting women from violence.


The study covers 189 economies worldwide. The data show the challenge many women face in seeking economic opportunities. One hundred and four economies still prevent women from working in certain types of jobs simply because they are women. In 59 economies, there are no laws on sexual harassment in the workplace.


And in 18 economies, husbands can legally prevent their wives from working. Social media movements like China's; #YoTambien from Latin America; the Middle East; and the US #MeToo highlighted the prevalence of sexual harassment and workplace violence.


But in many places, women still have no legal recourse. And every day we learn about industries that pay women less than men for doing the same work. What actions can be taken to increase economic opportunities for women? How can governments improve their citizens' labor market participation? Hard data helps answer these questions.


By informing politicians about legal obstacles to women's economic opportunities, Woman, Business and Law contributes to the promotion of gender equality. The study celebrates the progress that has been made by emphasizing the work that remains to ensure equal opportunities.


Title: Guide des affaires Brésil 2018

Authors: Bureau Business France de RIO DE JANEIRO

Publisher: Business France

Language: French

Pages: 152


Aimed primarily at small and medium-sized French companies, as well as entrepreneurs, the preparation of this guide is mainly based on business environment analyzes conducted by Business France's office in Brazil local specialists, successful French entrepreneurs, as well as accountants and lawyers.


This guide aims, therefore, to provide the entrepreneur with the tools to design and refine his approach strategy and implementation in the Brazilian market.

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