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Robson Teixeira Magalhães

Lawyer acting in the following areas: international, contractual law, and foreign trade. With professional experience in Brazil and abroad. In France, he worked at “Cabinet Levi” law office (in Paris). In Brazil, he has worked in different law offices, in contractual, labor and banking litigation and consultancy.

Olívia Mara Maia e Silva Evangelista

Lawyer registered at OAB-CE under number 14.202, Bachelor of Law in 2000 from the University of Fortaleza (Unifor), specialist in Tax Law - Unifor. With professional experience in Business and Tax Law, having been a lawyer for a large company for 10 years.


Lenivaldo da Silva Campos

Lawyer with more than 18 years of professional experience. Acting in the following areas:  Civil Law (also in the JEC), Family, Consumer, Labor, Real Estate. 

Bachelor of Laws from the São Bernardo do Campo Law School - 2000, with University Extension Course in the LFG Education Network. Several Courses in the Labor, Social Security, Family, Civil, Procedural, Criminal.

Lia Bonfim Cavalcanti

Lawyer with bar association (OAB/CE) number 39.483

Bachelor of Unichristus - CE

Highest IRA Award at Completion

Acting in the following areas: International, civil and labor law.

Petrônio de Lima Costa

Training: Management Process (Fernão Dias College) June 2014 - Concluded. Course: PIS, COFINS ICMS and IPI 48 hours and Taxed Replacement in ICMS at (Real Profit) company 8 hours = Cenofisco (Professional Capacity Center).


Experience of 15 years in the area of ​​Administrative, invoicing and tax in Small, Medium and Large companies, project participation and implementation of SAP and ERP system, Sped Fiscal and NF-e.

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